The foreigner tourist of Turkey is changing. While everyday less and fewer native English speakers jaunt Turkey, everyday more and more Europeans are coming. But the sole thing that doesn't change is that the importance of the traditional city of Ephesus from the Roman times.

I think that if one features a very limited time and wishes to settle on just one place to go to in Turkey but Istanbul, it should definitely be Cappadocia but especially for those that like booking their trips within the second, it's quite costly travelling to Cappadocia thanks to the high flight prices of only a few airline companies that fly to Kayseri.

But Ephesus and Pamukkale are both within the Aegean region and comparatively near the airport of Izmir which is that the third biggest and most populated city of Turkey and beside being touristic, it's a preferred city amongst Turks so there are hourly flights to Izmir everyday and of the many different airline companies which ends up more reasonable flight prices whether or not it's a final minute booking.

Ephesus ancient site and also the House of Virgin Mary is simply an hour drive faraway from Izmir airport. Actually Pamukkale is further - around 3 hours bus drive from the airport- but most of the people travel Ephesus area, prefer staying a minimum of an evening or two in Selcuk or in Kusadasi in order that they find opportunity to travel to Pamukkale for the following day.


Pamukkale literally means 'Cotton Castle'. The positioning is termed Cotton Castle thanks to the thermal pools surrounded by white stones. The general public gazing the images of Pamukkale believe that those stones are ice but in point of fact they're calcium stones.

The water in those pools are superb for health but unfortunately it's not permitted to swim within the pools of Pamukkale anymore except one special pool reserved just for this purpose but you must pay extra for it.

Another important thing to determine in Pamukkale is that the ancient a part of it which is actually interesting. It's called Hierapolis. many of us travelling to Pamukkale just for seeing those calcium stones indicate that they knew nothing about Hierapolis before they went but they're impressed by what they saw and it absolutely was actually more interesting than the calcium stones.

About Ephesus ancient site, there are countless things to inform since it's a awfully wide history. it's a requirement see place with its ruins, Artemis Temple, Antic Theatre and Virgin Mary's House.