The Turkish town of Oludeniz is closely connected to the Blue Lagoon. The latter makes for a stunning view, as it is surrounded by mountains and coves. A mass tourism magnetic spot, the area used to be a paradise for the independent traveler once. Now, it is packed with the standard facilities and it takes a few expert tips to know what to do and where to go to have a most enjoyable Oludeniz holiday.

Cheaper Accommodation in the Former Villages

Hisaronu and Ovacik used to be two traditional villages. Nowadays these feature concrete streets and numerous touristic facilities and are practically merged with Oludeniz. The former villages are located inland, northwards. It is easy to find a bedroom there and, it is more advantageous, cost wise. It is close enough to Oludeniz proper, and it is cheaper. There you will find countless 2 or 3-star bed & breakfast facilities.

Transport Tips

It is easy to get around Oludeniz, but you will make it even easier - and cheaper - if you use the dolmus. These are the specific Turkish minibuses that will stop at any point to pick up travellers. With a dolmus you will only pay 5 TL to travel anywhere within the town limits. If you have to go for a taxi, pick only yellow ones. These are obliged to advertise the price for each destination.

Buy Fresh Food and Have It Cooked

In Oludeniz you can have the best when it comes to food - you buy the fresh product and have it cooked by a chef. How is that possible? Just go to Fethiye market and purchase fish or whatever it is that you fancy. Then, take it to a restaurant nearby to have it cooked in exchange for a small sum. At the Fethiye market, you will also find much more merchandise beyond food.

Late Drinking

Modern tourists do not like curfews, let's be honest. The trouble with Oludeniz is that its bars tend to close at 2am or earlier. To prolong your drinking and fun session, take the dolmus to Hisaronu. It only takes 10 minutes to get there and you can carry on with your activity.

The Butterfly Valley Wilderness

For unforgettable nature and wildlife sights, visit the Butterfly Valley in the south. This is a canyon area with superb waterfalls and home to some rare species of butterflies. To get here, you can take the minibus from Oludeniz or even a boat. The area is also known as Faralya and is situated on the shoreline.

Please note that if you opt for a bus trip it is better to avoid weekends. It can get very crowded and you might not get the desired type of boat.