Rent a Private Boat in Istanbul! Nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private luxury yacht on the Bosphorus, complete with attentive crew, 5 Star catering and complete event facilities. Privileged address for elite organizations on the Bosphorus, for all kinds of business meetings, lunches and dinners, weddings, engagement ceremonies, invitations, parties and private organizations. Bosporus with its stunning natural splendour provides the perfect backdrop for a charter around its waters and will ensure you experience a truly memorable cruising trip.

Our charter yachts cater up to 100 passengers and our charter boats cater up to 400 passengers. We have a wide range of boats and yachts on the Bosphorus listed to suit all budgets and abilities.

Tailored to the needs and desires of you and your guests, with a professional crew dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience. You are free immerse yourself in the luxury and relaxation of breathtaking views, gourmet cuisine and endless activities at sea. Hire a private boat and enjoy the Bosphorus and explore Istanbul from the sea.

A Very Special Istanbul Trip; Bosphorus Yacht Tour 

It has been the capital of 3 civilizations, poems and novels written in its name, the city of peace and tolerance; Istanbul. The Bosphorus, which is honored to host its guests with its unique view, natural beauty and scent of redbud flowers.which has made a name for itself with its boat organization successes in the Bosphorus for years. Regardless of the time of day, week, month or year, you can choose one of the Bosphorus tour organization concepts and present yourself and your loved ones a memorial to the Bosphorus.

What Awaits You During the Private Bosphorus Yacht Cruise?

You can experience Bosphorus’ unique beauty with our private Bosphorus yacht cruise in a perfect way. Because we are presenting the “Old City” to you with a 2-hour tour. And this section includes the part from the Second Bosphorus Bridge to the entrance of the Golden Horn.

During the tour you will see structures such as the historical Ottoman Waterside Mansions, Beylerbeyi Palace, Ciragan Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. Then you will experience the Maiden’s Tower and the entrance of the Golden Horn in close range. After this you will witness the magical beauty of Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia.

As you extend your tour length, you can get a chance to examine the Bosphorus further to the north. Or you can check out the historical peninsula up close by entering the Golden Horn. So our suggestion would be to get a 3-hour tour.

What to Expect?

Majority of the tourists prefer Bosphorus cruise to experience this one time experience of the city, as well as for celebrating the specific moments such birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special days, etc.

With a private yacht rental or boat hire service by a duration of 2, 3, 4 and 8 hours, you can experience and enjoy an exclusive sightseeing on Istanbul Bosphorus from the private deck of a luxurious yacht along some of the most famous sites of the city.

You’ll definitely admire the stunning beauties of Bosphorus with 360 degree views from the spacious upper fly-bridge, or enjoy relaxing in comfort on the sun deck or in the comfortable outdoor and indoor lounges.

How to Rent?

You can find many yacht charter agents in Istanbul for a great or night day out in Bosphorus. Here, we put together the most popular and preferred and we only suggest the proven tours and top rated ones with travelers’ comments.

1. Bosphorus Sunset Cruise on Luxury Yacht

2,5 hours Bosphorus cruise on a 25 meters luxury yacht

This is one of the best and the most attended Bosphorus cruises. It is made on a luxury yacht and has a badge of excellence with over 400 5/5 stars reviews on Viator, and 335 excellent reviews and stars on GetYourGuide.

2. Bosphorus Luxury Yacht Tour

This is a fantastic new yacht cruise made on a luxury yacht for small groups (max. 15 people) with very affordable prices. You can take it at noon or at sunset for 2 hours. We highly recommend this cruise as you’ll feel yourself very special in this private chartered luxury yacht.

3. Bosphorus Dinner / Lunch Cruise – Private & Customizable

2,5 hours Bosphorus cruise on a 25 meters luxury yacht

This is one of the best private Bosphorus cruises on a luxury yacht. You can enjoy the beauties of Istanbul on a private luxurious yacht while having your dinner or lunch served by a professional crew. You can also have a chance for sightseeing and/or swimming and relaxing while peacefully enjoying your day at the luxury yacht. You can also customize this tour according to your needs. All our tours start and end in Bebek, Besiktas, Istanbul.

4. Bosphorus Cruise on Yacht with Stopover on Asian Side 

2,5 hours Bosphorus Cruise on a Luxury Yacht: Morning or Afternoon

This is one of the best way to explore the Bosphorus with stopover on the Asian side and explore Kanlica. It is made on a luxury yacht and has a badge of excellence with over 115 5/5 stars reviews on Viator.