Turkey is currently undergoing preparations to becoming the subsequent European golf tourism hotspot. This lack of operating courses compared to typical golfing destinations like Spain and Portugal, is soon to be rectified with major expansion plans for Turkey.

The majority of courses currently present within the country are connected to hotels within the Belek area of the Mediterranean coast, with one course also operating in Bodrum. The remaining courses are located in Istanbul.

Steps Taken for Golf Tourism

The tourism council understands the attraction of golf tourism to European visitors and property investors, creating plans to rework the country into a key golfing destination. The Turkish Golf Federation has designed plans for the creation of 100 courses within 4 years, aimed toward generating returns of US$1 billion each year.

The organization of the 2010 European Challenge Tour in Belek presented an exciting opportunity to push Turkey's golf tourism. The tournament also provided a good experience for Turkish amateurs of the game and attracted a good deal of attention to golf tourism awareness in Turkey.

Although new courses are planned for several areas including Ankara and Istanbul, the touristic appeal of the Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines is predicted to continue drawing attention to Turkey's buy-to-let and investment market. Development of recent courses to championship standards will assist within the potential for Turkey to carry major international tournaments within the future.

Golf Courses

Currently Turkey contains a dozen 18-hole golf courses within the planning stages, ideal for assisting the transformation of the country into a preferred golfing destination. Luxury buy-to-let properties constructed within the vicinity of golf links enable exceptional returns in an already sought-after destination. Owners of properties in preferred locations can expect on top of average yield returns, together with increased potential for brief term tenants.

How Many Golf Courses are There in Turkey?

There are 20 golf clubs in Turkey. The very best density of Turkish golf clubs and Turkish golf resorts is found in and around Belek. the most effective golf courses in Turkey are The Montgomerie Maxx Royal, Kuşadası International Golf, Carya Golf Club, Antalya Golf Club and Cornelia Golf Club.

As awareness of golf tourism increases in Turkey, investors are snapping up properties in key locations to confirm the best mid to long run capital growth potential. Providing buyers with the products suited to their highest demands is helpful for increased foreign investment, tourism and overall awareness for future growth and sustainability.

Is Golf Popular in Turkey?

Golf in Turkey was once a best-kept secret, but this beautiful country is now one amongst the foremost popular golfing destinations in Europe due to its combination of magnificent championship golf courses and luxury five-star all-inclusive resorts.