Bodrum is situated within the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey. it's a part and a port city in Mugla Province. It had been inhabited by only some thousand people and was a fishing village. It's seen an exceptional change and has now become a hotspot for tourists. It's a vibrant cultural scene and nightlife. it's a beach getaway. In Bodrum, one feels love within the air. It's longer nights and is situated on a scenic peninsula. Bodrum was the house of the famous Greek Historian Herodotus.

Bodrum is right for water sports. because the tourists walk down the villages, they notice houses painted in white with purple bougainvillea, within the area. This place fascinates the young and old alike. As such, it's a magical effect on its tourists. Down below the narrow streets of Bodrum lies in secrecy its 5,000 years of history. There are monuments like Roman Theatre, Castle, Mausoleum and Myndus Gate. The villages of Bodrum offer the traveller cosy taverns and restaurants. they give the impression of being over quiet bays and these villages is reached by boat, car or Dolmus.

History bears its stamp on Bodrum. it's the birthplace of Herodotus. The mausoleum dating back to the 4th century BC has the tomb of King Mausolus. The Museum of archaeology takes one to the Bronze Age.

The tourists here at Bodrum are diverse. There are holiday goers who love the long palm-lined waterfronts where you see elegant yachts. The calm tideless sea waters invite you for a swim.


Gumbet is at a distance of only 2km from Bodrum. Here, as you stroll down the streets, you may notice bars all the way with loud music and nightclubs. The food served at the restaurants here is Indian, Chinese and Mexican.

Gumbet has all kinds of water sports like parasailing, surfing, water-ski and sailing. The seaside is resounding all night with the cheerful holidaymakers. Gumbet has large beautiful hotels and most family-oriented tourists choose those by the seaside. The youngsters enjoy the metropolis being silly. the ocean here is shallow. The mood of Gumbet is chirpy and exciting.


Bitez is simply 5 minutes off from Bodrum. It's a peaceful, quiet and happy place. The tourists will find a mix of the green, blue and orange sun rays. This beach is crescent-shaped. it's a tidy little town welcoming its guests as they walk down the stone houses along the streets. Bitez could be a haven for sailing buffs. Its shores invite the tourist to sail and surf on its waters.


Ortaken may be a citrous fruit village luring the tourists to the ocean and also the long extent of coastline. Here, too you see some historical remains. The tea houses welcome the traveller.


Torba could be a small tourist resort. The beaches here are sandy and pebbly. It's variety of ruins of yesteryears. You'll be able to visit The Temple of Apollo or ferry to the traditional Miletos and Priene sites. There are many hotels and minibuses for the tourists to travel around.

Turgut Reis

This town is called after Turgut Reis. There stands his statue near the town. The winds here are perfect for hardcore windsurfers. it's a volcanic area. One can walk or trek around.

The farmers and fishermen use the 14 small islands around Turgut Reis. The tourists can choose sailing tours to those little islands. As you sail you witness the sheer great thing about the coastline.

Bodrum Castle and Museum of Underwater Archeology

Do visit the Bodrum Castle of St. Peter. It blends both worlds, ancient and modern. The castle now has one among the world's finest museums. It's in excellent condition. It exhibits the archaeology of underwater. Here, you'll find relics which are original. The old Bronze Age involves life here by the exhibits of monuments, jewellery, etc. The tourists watch with glued eyes and in silence the fascinating past which is displayed. you begin seeing the medieval Age of Knights.

The tourists have plenty to go to in Bodrum like The Ottoman Tower, Amphitheatre and Zeki Muren Museum.

In Bodrum, the summers are hot and dry, but the ocean breeze cools the air. It rains in winter. The months of June, July, and August are the most popular. Its weather may be a combination of Aegean and Mediterranean type. Humidity is low, and you'll see sunshine for 300 days in an exceedingly year. The night sky is brimming with twinkling stars. Snow and frost never touch the town of Bodrum. It's won the title of "Saint Tropez of Turkey" by NY Times magazine. Everything here takes place in an exceedingly different way, the rain, sunrise and sunset. Bodrum has flight connections from all round the world, posh hotels, tasty food and much of fun to supply to the tourists.