Uchisar Castle is placed in Uchisar village, on between Nevsehir and Goreme road. Having a geostrategic position, dominating whole city from the top of the heap, this magnificent castle presents the visitors a dreamy panorama area with its miraculous landscape. It has a splendid environment providing the fantastic hues of red on Mt. Erciyes at sunset, the quiet, refreshing valleys and the rainbow of colour created by land and sky.

In addition, the highest point and pearl of Cappadocia, Uchisar Castle covers the very huge area. It takes approximately 120 steps to climb at the peak of this glorious fortress.

When the people come here, they can also visit the souvenir shops, boutique hotels carved into the rocks, other valuable masterpieces in around such as Pigeon Valley, Kaymaklı Underground City, Goreme Open Air Museum and famous Fairy Chimneys.

Today, it is well known that Uchisar Fortress has been a member of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1985 and it was also taken under preservation as a National Park in 1986.


Its history lies down Ottoman Period from Rome (Byzantine) Era. At the beginning, the East Rome Time (between 15th and 16th centuries), this natural castle was used as a defence mechanism to prevent any attacks from the enemy. The people took advantage of it. Especially it was run as a warning system because whenever there was a problem the guards easily sent messages by using lights, mirrors from the castle.

Afterwards due to its geopolitical position, it was a main control centre of trade way like Royal Road and Silk Road in the periods of Persian and Seljuk.

In Ottoman Time, the castle was again a main location for protection and maintenance. Because of that, those times it was surrounded many homes. When it happened any attack from invasion of the enemy, the local people could effortlessly escape to the fortress to protect themselves.


The castle has an amazing and breath-taking architectural style.There is a cave with three special ways, a huge joint hall and a guardian room. The road of the cave covered with the stones. Except for the cave, the castle contains the passages but some of them were filled with the rubbles. It also includes secret tunnels with honeycombed structure built by locals to hide themselves from the warriors. But those tunnels are very narrow which caused to be said many legends about it. One of those stories; once upon a time the dwarfs lived there and they established these tunnels according to their sizes.


After the many renovations, the castle is illuminated with light of Led which is a perfect lightening system. When you look at it, you feel yourself in the magical place.