Pigeon valley is one of the longest valleys that reflects distinctive formation challenging the time. It is located between the Goreme and Uchisar districts in Cappadocia and grabs the people who visited here by creating a mystic ambiance.

It invites the people to a magical world thanks to not only its wonderful sight, but also providing to be organized many various nature sports with its huge and plain land. It is perfect area for walking, trekking and hiking.


After the settlement of Christians Cappadocia, historical city in Rome Era, they built a lot of churches, monasteries and chapels to freely worship. When they went to church, in order to make ritual Christians dip the bread into the wine which symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of that, the wine was very holy and important for town people.

Therefore, it caused local people to produce wine. Step by step the best quality wines of their field like special ‘’Esraf’’ wine were made.

But sometime there was happened infertility upon their vineyards which were the main material of wine making. This was a critic event especially for Christians. Soon after many projects were made to revive those vineyards, many authorized people made many investigations about the problem but it did not work. One day, a mysterious and wise old man came and advised the public that they should use pigeon dung on their lands for fertilizer of vineyard’ lands. Because they need to pigeon’s crabs, these people had to keep all pigeons only a unique space to harbour them. Finally, they built numerous pigeonholes carved into the soft volcanic rocks and used pigeon dungs to get better grapes from their yards.

Today, it shows us Cappadocia lands taking a place UNESCO World Heritage List are very appropriate for vineyards. So whenever you go to here, take a breath of refresh atmosphere of Pigeon Valley and seize the day.